Resampling Bug - sound disappears

Hi everyone, I’ve update to the latest Firmware and I’m havign the following problem:
When resampling a sound, once done the new sample is just a very short noise.
I have tried several times with different samples and it’s always the same: the result is a very quiet noise and the sample disappears.
Does anyone else have the same issue?

are the samples 32 bit? or some other that the machine does not like?

i know it gets real pissy with the wrong format and this sounds exactly like what happened when i used 32 bit, it played them fine but rejected them as soon as i resampled (which makes no sense to me but i didn’t build the engine) - this is a known bug and av500 was fixing it or had it fixed -whether they placed in the latest update i have no idea and cannot check, i am approaching 4 weeks with no 2400 since it became faulty

@j.m Resampling 32-bit sounds was fixed. The fix is in the Oct 1 release.

@stefanor Is the gain knob on the back at max? (turned all the way towards the screen)

cheers fella, like i said i wasn’t sure

so -OP may have a diff bit rate causing the issue unless it is something entirely different but it sure sounds like the same

hi everyone, thank you for your inputs!
I have done many tests and now it seems to work on some samples but not on others, I’ll keep investigating and write if I find a consistent cause. Also the volume at the back was not fully up, so maybe that was also a cause,