2400 video manual THREAD - all parts

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#2 load samples etc

#3 envelopes for pitch, amp, filter and some slicing treats

multi mode

programming patterns :slight_smile:





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Great vid! Not sure if I missed it but does the name of the sample assigned to a pad show up on the screen when I hit a pad? I’m thinking about when I need to solo/mute a pad during LIVE performances. It would be very helpful if the sample name did display on the screen. Maybe I’ll just use masking tape & a sharpie for now.

I’m already thinking about a MK2 version having small L.E.D screens above each pad to display pad info & a HDMI output to hook up a larger screen… I KNOW I’m way ahead of myself! LOL

a mk2? :face_vomiting: :face_vomiting: lord i hope not :rofl:

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@bradholland just going to say this, the clever little things you have thought of here in this OS are so appreciated, some very good thinkers on your team !

i cannot wait

Is there a way to adjust the range of the sample pitch? The SP-12 had a Tune/Decay range setting (Hi/Mid/Low) that let you pitch down further or up higher with the mid setting as default. I want to take a note and drop it really low as a bass note.
Is there a way to do that?

The 12 and the 1200 stored the pitch as a four-bit number, which only holds 16 possible values. So they added a range in the 12, and initial DK/Tune in the 1200 to set that 16 value window within the 32 possible values.

We did not replicate that on the S2400. We just made Classic 16 and Classic 32 modes, both with the original pitch in the middle. with Classic 32, the lowest setting is as low as the 12/1200 could go.

With semitones (or fine) range, you get +/- 20 semitones (41 note range), so the pitch can go even lower that the Classic could.


Thanks for sharing those J.M., Its appreciated.

If I may suggest, for ease of consultation in this thread, maybe you could edit your first post and add all the tutorial in the first post one after the other.

Again, thanks for sharing those.

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Multi mode

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There is a YouTube channel for these. I’ve got it bookmarked :slight_smile:


i know :+1:, that is where i drag them from but when folk come here maybe this is worth while


watching videos i keep seeing sample names so we have to assume yes

i assume it also reads files names that are uploaded too

The sample name does not show every time you hit a pad. It shows in the track settings when you press shift+pad.


i knew i had seen it keep cropping up, just wasn’t sure in what state

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