Pitch modes?

OK so I see the S2400 has various pitch modes.
Classic 16, Classic 32, Semitone 41, Dyatonic 24, Fine 410.

I’m really interested in Fine 410?

One thing that’s always bugged me a bit about the SP1200 is the lack of fine tuning (one of the reasons I use a S950 with my SP is for the fine tuning).

So Brad or Beta testers if you get the time can you tell me how the fine tuning works? Can it fine tune like the S950 & MPC 60?

How I would personally love it to work is as follows.

Say I sample in at 45RPM + 8 on the turntable.

Then I pitch down in classic 16 as I would normally on the SP1200.

But with the S2400 I can also fine tune the pitch from there?

Maybe pitch down in classic 16 with fader One, then fine tune with fader Two?

Also if I sample a drum break, chop it up over the pads. Can I then fine tune the pitch of all those chops together without having to set it individually for each chop?

Anyway yeah would love to know how the pitch works.

I think you’re looking at an old video. Brad just posted one yesterday that showed the options as Classic16, Classic32, Semitones, Diatonic, Aeolian, and Fine.

I remember him saying at one point that fine tuning has a resolution of 10 cents. Which would make sense looking at the old option descriptions. If the range is 41 semitones, and fine has 410 values, that’s 10 cents.


OK cool, thanks.

Well there’s definitely a lot of options, so I’m really hoping it will do I’m after so I don’t have to hook my S950 up to it.

I just need to drop my sped up samples right down to roughly where I need them & fine tune them from that point.

I’m not sure Fine tune will pitch my original sped up samples down enough :thinking:

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Can you please redirect me to the video? Thanks!

It was a comment on a post in the FB group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/sp2400/permalink/642009913177693/?comment_id=643050233073661