45 to 33 instant vinyl pitching

I hope I don’t get smacked down for this but since most of us, when sampling from vinyl pitch the record up from 33 to 45 and then manually pitch back down (-5.19 st I believe). It would be a wonderful shortcut, to have a pitch mode with one level that takes your sped up to 45 sample back down to it’s original 33 pitch with one touch.

Currently I’m finding myself pitching down 5 in semitones, then trying to get it exact in fine pitching mode, which doesn’t seem to show percentage and I’m never quite sure whether I am getting it exact, without using a tuner or playing against the un-sped sample.

Just a thought that I had when I woke up this morning.

Peace and thanks for all your magical work chaps!


Not sure if fine pitch is in the next update but I think it’s in the list. With precise numbers you could do what you want.

In my case I use a Vestax pdx3000 for sampling. The turntable has MIDI IN and can be controlled via the S2400. The turntable root note is 60 and can be controlled over 3 octaves I think.

My personal “aliasing” sound preference till now is just sampling +1 semitone in 12 bits and then depitching after in classic mode. I ve tried 45 and 78 rpm but it’s too much grit for me :slight_smile:


Yeh. I hear that. Some samples can sound too munged with that much re-pitching. I do still use it on certain sounds though and just thought this would be simple function to implement.

I definitely want to see percent in fine pitch as well though yeh.

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Fine pitch is in the next update. And so it resampling which has a fine pitch shift option as well as a quick 33@45 setting.


Fantastic! Thanks Mickey!


This is amazing news - what a response!!


Amazing. Thanks. :+1: