Feature: "Pre-Pitch" a Sample

I would like to sample in at +0.0 pitch, then “pre-pitch” up the Master sample by +8 semitones, so the S2400’s Track Settings can then pitch it down -8 semitones for the beautiful aliasing.

Without this, you inevitably need to do the math and pitch up by +58.74% in the DAW (or your sample source, turntable, favourite WAV editor, etc). This is how we’ve been doing it on the SP1200, but doing it directly in the S2400 would be very convenient to reduce the need for external preprocessing.

This would be helpful even if it’s set as a static parameter in the Sample menu, so it happens once upon sampling and is saved into the unit with basic pitch applied.

I can imagine people wanting to adjust Tune / Fine pitch though, in case samples or one-shots are out of tune and need a bit of adjustment after the fact, so having this in Track Settings might be helpful as well.

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Eventually we should be getting the ability to resample audio within the S2400. That will make it a simple matter to pitch up a sample, resample it, and then pitch it back down again.