-5.37 resample setting after 33@45 setting in 12 bit resample mode (in order to use 33@45 efficiently)

OK this topic title is a bit awful but I would like a -5.37 setting (16 bit or why not 12 bit again) be added just after 33@45 setting. I suppose making the machine resamples 2 times in a row with the 2 sampling engines. Or maybe the 16 bit one can be done internally in a digital way I don’t know.

Currently I m spending my time resampling and then either setting transpose to -5.37 either fine pitch to -5.37. Except this is a bit boring to do it each time it limits the pitch range when pitching down so the current worflow is not ideal.


Why would you resample to 33@45 (+5.37 semitones), then pitch it down by 5.37 semitones? What is that about?

When I resample at 33@45 it is because I am trying to simulate the SP. In which case, I set the pitch resolution to Classic, and pitch the sound down by 5 or 6. That simulates the SP workflow and sound.

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For this reason: I don’t want to emulate the SP behavior perfectly. I want to fine pitch it down exactly. So there is not slight pitch difference, then I can use both 16 and 12 bit version. Then I don’t have the workflow issue of transpose or pitch mode. Then I don’t have the issue of fine pitch lost. Most of the issues above could be solved by adding this option. I suppose resample will be reworked in the next updates so I will wait after that.

In your case adding two parameters classic pitch then -5 or -6 could do the job. Seen with a broader vision: adding settings like pitch mode and pitch range in the resample menu would prevent workflow issues from happening afterwards.

@tknz you can use the track pitch fine to adjust this back to the pre resample pitch, or instead of using 33->45 just manually set a +[whole number] here pitch shift.

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Thanks for your answer. I still think that being able to do everything in this window or a future optimized resample window would improve the overall workflow and resolve issues that appear afterwards.

Difficult to explain everything in details as it’s spread in different topics in the forum but you may have had the same problems with managing tracks after resampling already assigned samples.

What I will try to do next weekend is the contrary. Pitch up the sample before in the machine, then in the screen above making it -5.37 so I don’t have to do it afterwards after resampling.

Personally, I don’t seek a 100% simulated SP workflow. I want more “rainbow” in this machine. And I’m sure someone will put an Easter egg with the screenshot of a rainbow one day lol. Sorry for the nonsense from time to time :upside_down_face:

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+1 for a nice way to not manually have to pitch down -5.37 after resampling to have the sample play at original tempo.


I used to look for this feature too, but then I slid that fader by an accident and loved the sound that came from my speaker. That was a very HAPPY accident.

You could always use the fader even if the transpose value is set automatically :slight_smile:

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This could be a really great option to be able to revert the pitch after resampling. I thought about it so many times and initially I thought that was what 33@45 would do until I tried it.

Although, I guess it would involve double resampling — First to pitch it up and then to pitch it down. The option could be selected at resample window. Due to that we will not have to either fine-pitch a track afterwards or select a pitch value (say +5) and then reduce by 5 at the track level.

It might be a controversial decision as this technique is just a technique and maybe it should remain that instead of adding an extra development overhead and making the system even more complex… it’s a tough call

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+1 because it would be handy, in this scenario which I use often, for example:

  1. I’m working in a project where tempo was already at 167BPM
  2. I start auditioning breaks, and use the pitch stretch setting (under track settings) to match loop to tempo
  3. I resample for 12-bit grit
  4. well now I’ve resampled, so I must repeat the pitch stretch process

It seems like a checkbox to retain the pitch stretch settings on the resampled file would be a nice workflow improvement. If it ain’t for you, don’t check it