Retain slice points after resampling

It would make me a very happy man if the machine could retain the slices made to a sample when resampling.

If you spend some time chopping something up and record in multi mode loop/slice and later decide to resample the sound, the slices gets reset and you have to slice it again.

The playback is alright since the original slice points were recorded in to the pattern, but if you want to bang on the pads again you’ll need to redo the slicing which can be very time consuming.

Would love if the slices could stay where they were after resampling.


+1 - this is the only reason I don’t resample as much as I thought I would. I like to find chops before spending a ton of time on a sample, but then once chops are found resampling removes them :cry:

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Yeah that’s something about workflow improvement has been requested for a while.

If the situation is still the same than before it should affect pitch and envelopes as well. A few parameters are lost because the sample is considered as new and some parameters reset to default.

To avoid this it’s best to resample before starting editing samples. A workaround for pitch is to use the transpose function. To add or substract values to -5.37. For multislices a workaround can be to extract individual slices and put them on another bank but time consuming because it has to be done manually.

Don’t know much about programming but to me it sounds like it should be totally possible to do.

If you resample without the pitch like 33@45, the file is the same length and that file could just be swapped with every parameter still the same. Honestly I would be happy if at least this was made possible.

If you resample the pitched way it might be a little trickier since the actual length of the file is shorter (I quess?), but should still be able to keep the slice points relative to the sample length right? Or at least I hope so :slight_smile:

Has there been any talk about this in another thread?

I don’t remember everything but I think one of the solution could be to implement a “copy parameters” function so that some of these parameters are not lost when a new sample is assigned to an already existing track.

And you’re right the transposed sample is different so the problem for the slice position remains.

What I think I’ll do in the future is use the bounce function after resampling to get rid of limitations brought by -5.37. In this case it will be easy to use multislices and other functions like pitch’shift and timestretch for example :slight_smile:

I thought they did this in a recent update? When you save sample to project it saves slice points.

omg i just had something like that happen to me, was quite frustrating. +1 for sure

Yes the slice points are saved in the project, but when resampling they get reset.

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Ok. Then that would be very handy.

The same length in time, but not the same number of samples. And the slice points are sample numbers in the code. So, some calculations have to be done.


Ok I see, didn’t think about that. Multislice stuff recorded before resampling work on playback after resample though which suprised me, so is there already some calculations done? :slight_smile:

Since resampling is an offline action there might be room for that kind of calculation without affecting playback?

Would it be possible for the 33@45 option to?

I never thought of this, but they are retained in playback because the start/end points are stored in the pattern, so swapping a sample out for essentially the same thing minus fidelity (assuming pitch is the same) will result in the same slices. I haven’t tried but my assumption is that if you were to change the pitch/length of sample the slices would be different. That said I think I just found my workaround for now…just record the slices and resample then swap out with the resampled version. Would still be nice to retain parameters after resampling though.