Getting a loop in time and key

OK so I’ve been trying to figure this out. The easy answer is just dump the loop into Ableton, re-pitch and fit to the grid and resample back into the S2400, but there’s gotta be a way to do it in the sampler.

Anyone have a workflow for doing this?

I’ve tried resampling but it doesn’t seem to retain the pitch setting I’ve made. From there I was going to try time-stretching the loop to the correct BPM, but if the pitch isn’t sticking it’s sort of pointless because as soon as I re-pitch the time-corrected loop it’ll be out of time again :confused:

Additionally, wouldn’t it make sense that the [Resample] function should keep the pitch/envelope/etc settings?

pitch transpose via trk settings not work for you?

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when you resample, make the file into new with new name etc - i am sure then it keeps your pitch alterations otherwise it keeps some sort of reference to the original iirc - could be talking shi7 here or confusing what you are thinking but i am sure i have read that resampling does this

i have no personal experience of it - that is outside of my working methods

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Shoot I missed this post somehow. I actually didn’t realize there was a pitch transpose function! Not sure how I missed that, but that’s amazing! I’ll be giving it a try shortly here and I’ll report back :smile:

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