Resample and Time Stretch workflow

Bit confused how these two work together…I have a 4 bar sample, i trim/prep it and resample it (33 as 45) to sound nice…I set the pitch so its got a nice ring but roughly the same tempo as original…Now when i go into Time Stretch it gets confused and thinks the original pitch is 173bpm (so like forgetting i pitched it back down) to the desired 120pm (project setting)…So the Time Stretch sounds steppy and weird…

This cant be right? How can i get the S2400 to re analyse the pitch (once i pitched it back down after 33 to 45 resample) before Time Stretch as it aint 173bpm - its been pitched back down since then.

Same about pitch and shift here. 95% of my samples are resampled samples transposed to -5.37. All the calculations don’t seem to work.

I suppose one of the solutions could be to implement the long awaited improved version of resampling so that we can resample in 16 bit after pitching down or transpose down to get unbiased values.

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Yeah it seems stuck on the BPM of the speeded up resample…I cant seem to get the S2400 to recalculate the pitch when i pitch it back down after the resample…Tried resaving etc - bring it back in and it replays at 173bpm…So any timestretching after that is useless as the S2400 thinks the sample is 173 and not the bpm of it pitched back down.

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oh :frowning:

my 2400 is in hospital still so i can’t check but is there some setting somewhere being missed? this would seem a bit crazy to have slipped through

do you need to save the resampled file as something new perhaps and reload?

Tried that - but brings it back in as 173bpm resampled thing


how odd

Would be great to have dev clarification on this

Just incase im missing the point or a step?

As you can see, the timestretch calculations do not take transposition into account.
We are discussing how to do that in a future update.

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I haven’t tried the update yet but can you stretch first and then resample?


I thought you can manually input the BPM. Why do you need the S2400 calculation?

Yes, you can also do it manually. The calculation is handy though when you don’t know the BPM.


Thanks for clarifying

Im going to get into the habit of time stretching first and then resampling

Yeah just to clarify - doing it the opposite way works well…

Time stretch the break - resample 33 to 45 - pitch stretch 164 (or whatever) back to desired bpm (that time stretch destination was originally set to)

Still get all the grit and sync stretched nicely.