Timestretch drum tips?

I realise I haven’t spent much time with this function, other than the traditional use of warping vocals for that classic jungle sound are there any dope tricks you could school me with regards to messing with drums?

I thought I would spend time this weekend trying to get my head round it, hoping I can create some added variations on the same break while remain in time with the projects bpm.

is it just a case of pitch stretching the break back into a division of the projects bpm after timestretching or will that just defeat the object of trying to capture that stretch sound in the first place?

cheers people, any tips appreciated,

I found this post from @rozz3r really helpful so I bookmarked it. Hope it helps you too!


exactly the kind of info I was looking for. look forward to trying this. many thanks !

Aw man, so simple! Thanks for that!

Makes me think my IQ is hovering around 60


Killer tip, thank you!

This is wonderful! :stuck_out_tongue:

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