BPM, samples, ms, conversion calculator

We all know time stretch is coming and it’s gonna be cool af. We also know that numeric pad looks a hell of a lot like a calculator…

Why not a tool that helps you calculate stretches perfectly by duration of beat, bpm, samples, etc

It’s basically all here, but imagine this right on the machine.


I use this a lot. It’s cool.

The new Time Stretch function calculates the BPM of the sample, and allows you to specify the BPM to stretch it to. You can also specify the time to stretch it to, if preferred. When you change one setting, it calculates the others, like a spreadsheet.


I’m looking forward to this feature.

Awesome work guys!

@Mickey Thank you timely for the “stretch”. I have not seen any devs from other gear labs working together with customers and even potential buyers with so much humility. You are G.O.A.T ! Bless.



How will this work with pitch shifting? If I stretch it to the desired tempo can I then shift the pitch independently without it also effecting the bpm like it does currently? Thanks.

Cool. Seems similar to the Octatrack I have. Mickey does the length of the stretch have a limit? Like a reeeeallly long stretch can produce some great stuff.

Cannot see what you said lol

@kt1 Simply changing the pitch with the fader always changes the length. “Repitch and Stretch to keep the length the same” is a different feature we have not done yet.

Yes, there is a limit to how much a sample can be stretched because of the algorithm used. However, you can re-stretch an already stretched sample.


Cool. This will be great for Ambient stuff. :slight_smile:

I’ve done it and it sounds really good… especially after I added the bit reduction. Instant hazy.

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Ok got it. Always a workaround I figure I could always pitch first then stretch or vice versa. Could even stretch, pitch, then re stretch technically right?

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