Timestretch question/example

So confused re time stretch. Like an 8 count ,1 bar loop tapped out at 108.5bpm time stretch to 101bpm. It stretches to right tempo but cuts off first maybe 2 beats of the loop? Sorry if I missing something.

Also, in the time stretch menu, before I process it shows the longer length in TO Time but the processed loop is actually less (3.51 + 25)

Please upload the sample that you are stretching so that we can also stretch it. (WAV file, not a video)

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Here is a stretch of that sample to 101.0 BPM. (After removing the silence from the end.)
It is 4.749 seconds long, as expected. Perhaps there were some other steps that you were doing that I missed.

Bizarre. I turned the machine off and tried it again and it worked as expected. Hmm…oh well, sorry to bother. Unreal addition to the features.
Thank you.

Let us know if it happens again.


Hey @Mickey, is it intentional that the time stretch preview plays the entire sample, not just the area between the start and end points?

Yes, the whole sample. But that’s a good idea. You should post a feature request.