LoopSlice(non Multi) bug

Had a ~50 second audio file, I wanted to cut two bars out of. The bars started about 3 seconds into the file. In loop slice mode, I set the start and end points then tapped save and saved the file into the same folder. After which I assigned it over the existing (This time on purpose :slight_smile: ). When I tapped the pad and played the file, it appears that it took whatever the total length of the slice I took but started from the beginning of the file instead of the start point a few seconds in. I will try to reproduce but I think I have seen this before and didnt catch what was happening at the time.

**** EDIT: The sample is actually correct, it just seems to be a bug with the assignment after slicing and saving that causes the offset. When I went back to assign the sample and selected the file it is sliced correctly. So I think that the issue has to do with assigning the sample after the slice when the start point is not the beginning of fileโ€ฆ****