Loop/Slice Bug?

In Loop/Slice I’ll chop my sample up and after using the pads for a bit one of them will randomly change the slice position on its own. Sometimes it’s pad A1 or another time it will be pad A2 ect. Sometimes the slice change is small and other times it will close off the sample completely. I never bumped anything to change the slice position, yet it changes on its own after playing the pads.

In this video you can see it happen on pad A2. In the start of the video A2 begins at the start of the symbol sound and by the end of the video it doesn’t anymore. The same pad ends with the symbol sound by the end of the video instead of beginning with the symbol sound without changing anything manually.

Is this a bug and are other people experiencing this same issue or am I doing something wrong? I’ve had it happen no less than 10 to 15 times and only had the S2400 about a week. Nearly every time I use Loop/Slice to chop samples up this happens.

FYI, in this video it sounds like I’m smashing the pads super hard but I’m not. Also it’s easier to view if you just download it Vs trying to wait for it to stream.

Do you have the same issue if you lock faders (hold F9) after setting start/end points when banging the pads in this menu?

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as tnkz76 mentioned its likely that fader lock will solve this. The faders are sensitive and will register a change even when you arent banging away at the pads. Keep in mind that Shift+Fader move will allow adjustments even with fader lock enabled.

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Thanks for that tip. I have never used the fader lock before. I’ve been using F9 today and haven’t experienced the same issue again so far. It looks like this probably solved my issue. I appreciate it!

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