Loop/Slice multi mode overwrite warning

Twice now tonight Ive been chopping samples and accidentally assigned the chopped section to the source sample, meaning I have to start the slice all over. If the new saved sample assignment is going to replace any existing samples, it would help if there was a dialog warning that you were about to replace a sample. So the workflow as I see it is

  1. load sample
  2. Loop/Slice Mode-> Multi
  3. adjust slice and hit Save
  4. pick name and hit enter
  5. ask to assign sample to pad -> select pad
    6a) if the pad has no sample assignment assign sample
    6b) if the pad has a sample assigned pop up a warning - This pad is assigned sample blahblah.wav. Replace? (Yes) (No)

@bradholland i believe this needs to be in 2400 section not K/B

@StupidAmericanPig wrong area bro

nice to see you got it back so fast