Workflow tips for locking longer samples+loops in time


Love the S2400 and enjoying trying to learn my way around the new pitch and timestretch capabilities in the new update, but I’m having some difficulty

Say I wanted to create a J Dilla type of track where I sample in a verse and/or chorus of a song, and want to proceed to chop it up across the 8 multimode pads. I’m have trouble finding an easy way to sample longer sections of a song (30+seconds), match their pitch or timing to the set tempo and begin slicing them in multimode into smaller loops (2-4 bars) and have them play in time.

Until this firmware update, I would use the fine pitch setting and move the knob around until I could get the sample in time. But now I’m wondering if this update makes it easier to lock sampled material/loops into time.

What is your workflow like when slicing up samples or loops from a section of a sampled song and getting it all to lock together?

Thanks in advance!

The new Pitch Stretch feature is made for exactly this.

  • sample say 32 bars of a track
  • trim the sample precicely when saving
  • after assigning your trimmed sample to a pad, go to Track Settings / Actions / Pitch Stretch
  • enter the number of beats in the sample - 128 in this case (32*4)
  • the “From BPM” field should now show you the exact bpm of your sample
  • the “To BPM” field will automatically be set to the current pattern tempo
  • the “Pitch Change” field will show you exactly what pitch is required to change the bpm
  • hit “Transpose Track” to automatically apply that pitch to the Track’s settings
    Now when you go and slice up your 32 bar sample, it will play in time with your current tempo.

Of course, if you don’t want to pitch the sample, you can use Time Tretch in almost the exact same way (enter number of beats in the sample and it will calculate the rest).

Hope that helps.


That is exactly the type of description I was hoping for!

Thanks a lot. Look forward to getting more familiar with this.