Pitch-Lock Time Stretch Utility

I might be dreamin’ due to hardware constraints, but i’d love to see a pitch-locked timestretch utility. Not necessarily real-time, but as a utility where one can go to a menu and tell the 2400 that i’d like to stretch the sample on let’s say PAD A1 to 110% percent. And i can check a box for pitch lock, then enter.

Would help to keep the head in the 2400, off the computer, and the bonus would be that sweet gnarly stretched grainy sample sound. :wink:


I hate to keep comparing to octatrack but I wish it had something like octatrack does to detect non and do automatic and simple time stretch as well!


Yes, yes, yes! This would be amazing! :smiley:

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Time stretch is definitely my number one request . If its possible of course.

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I certainly do hope so, and it has been on the internal whiteboard for sometime.
Realtime? Not sure.
Right now, we have bigger fish to fry.