Time Stretch on the S2400

I’m really enjoying the S2400. Solid build and easy to learn. It would be great to have a time stretch feature (offline is cool) in a future firmware update.

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Yeah that would be awesome!

Just got the Octatrack AE and timestretch is a killer feature. It saves so much time


2nd-ing this big time.

I’d really like the S2400 (in combination with some of my other hardware) to help make my Maschine Mk3 redundant and I think this would clinch it.

Totes acknowledge that Brad and his merry crew have plenty of fundamental things to wrangle ahead of this feature request but let’s keep the idea alive!

I would love time stretching on the S2400


TS is a tricky one. The only proper TS is Serato’s Pitch Time (which is like $800) and Logic’s improved Flex.

Also anyone determined not to use a DAW - look into 1010s Blackbox which is tiny and has TS - a great s2400 feeder


It seems like in theory this should be doable. I think a lot of us would be happy with an akai 950/1000 equivalent.


I’d like real time time stretch using one of the faders to pitch up or down. For reference the Pioneer DJS-1000 sampler has this feature & it works great!


I haven’t received my SP2400 yet but this is definitely my number one request.

I’d add that I’d be open to give a private premium donation to see this feature implemented as long as its a decent quality time stretching and I’m realistically not talking about the Zplane elastique algorithm as I don’t know what the licensing and implementation would cost.


+1! I’d gladly pay for this feature. I’d also pay for an FX expansion board.

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