Overbridge-esque suite

Hey yall, boutta receive my s2400 this week. I thought long and hard about what would be the number one thing I would want to tell you guys whenever i got on the request forum like i am now. I really do think there would be great benefits in some sort of audio-to-daw compatibility that is as direct as say Elektron’s Overbridge; something that can output to channels with nothing but USB, would be a very useful thing for everybody.

I understand that such may not be in the parameters of what the language the software is written under can do, either way sall love!

Thanks for ya time


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The Elektron Octatrack sampler doesn’t have Overbridge though(they cant make it work)

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I believe this is happening - in the works…

Would be great as it would free up my 8 channel interface for external FX routing instead

Honestly - USB multi channel streaming, time stretching and the ability to resample layered sounds (easily) - the machine would be complete for me


This man needs a raise- and he doesn’t even work for the company :joy: