Sample Rate reduction and transposition styles

Hello (again)
I imagine MOST of us who bought the S2400 seeking “that sound” appreciate the samplers/delays of decades passed. I’ve got a couple more suggestions and wondering if they can be included:

1.) Sample rate reduction. We have bit rate reduction already (AND THANKS!) But I’m looking for sample rate reduction for better lo-fidelity playback and sound. Yes, I realize the irony of that sentence.

2.) Transposition sample rate skip/algorithm. Various hardware samplers (and delays) from our youths implemented sample skip technology for their transpose capabilities (Eventide Hx pitch shifters, Ensoniq Mirage, E-mu SP/Emax, Roland/Boss, Casio SK-1/FZ) and I’m wondering if that can be implemented? Apparently, some used variable clock playback speed, while others simply skipped every other sample to play back at half speed (for example). It would be great to be able to change transpose type per pad. This would cement the S2400 as the ultimate lo-fi “greatest hits” machine. Heck, even open source it and let us chase down the algorithms!

Thanks Mickey and Brad for your outstanding work so far.