Does the S2400 use Variable Clock Rate Transposition or Linear Interpolation?

Does the S2400 use Variable Clock Rate Transposition or Linear Interpolation?

The Akai S612, S700, S950, EII, P2000, DSS-1, Synclavier, Fairlight use Variable Clock Rate Transposition, or Variable Sample Rate Playback, or Pitch Transposition.

From what I’ve read, they use - divide-by-n frequency synthesis, which has limited pitch resolution, but is completely free of aliasing.
But, they’ve also got pitch tracking reconstruction filters to attenuate the high frequency images.

Newer samplers like the S2000, S3000, and on, etc., use Linear Interpolation, or Pitch Shifting, or Interpolation Algorithms.

I’m no expert at alll… this is just what I’ve read.
Please educate me… Would love to hear insight on this…

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Here’s what I’ve found on various threads…

“The SP12/1200 is fixed rate, 27 kHz, truncation/drop sample interpolation. Like the Mirage, it’s super ****ty and low quality. It’s not related to the Emulator or Emax models.

…and similarly the Akai MPC60 is also fixed rate, and not related to the S900/S950”

“The S900 (like the Fairlight and other early samplers) used a variable sample rate such that when you played, you were actually ‘playing’ the sample clock… much like just speeding up/slowing down a tape recorder.”

“The S900/S950 will sound just as if it was recorded to tape/vinyl and it was physically slowed down.”

"The S900/S950 still sounds clean, if it’s anything like the MPC 60, it sounds damn good… The SP-1200 on the other hand, now there’s filth, it’s like a ring modulator or something.

To be honest the S-3000 sounds worse than the MPC-60… The further you transpose the more muffled the sound gets and it starts becoming like mush, sounds cr*p. It’s not gritty/dirty in a nice way imo where the SP is.

The MPC-60 stays clean and I couldn’t really hear any obvious aliasing when transposing, the kicks retain that punch and clarity whilst on the S-3000 you loose punch, fidelity and the will to live. "

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I was considering selling my S950, because I now had the S2400, and also to slim-down, make a little extra room/space in the studio, and recoup some money.

But, I think I will keep it now… since it’s a different style and flavor of sampler (variable clock rate… and also relatively cleaner sound).

But… I’ll still sell the MPC60, lol.

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What about something like the S3000xl ? Any idea how it’s done in these? (I thought I’d chime in as it looked you were having a conversation with yourself) :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

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Haha… I tend to talk to myself in RL too.

As for the S3000xl… irdk much about it… but, since newer, I’d guess it’s also linear-interpolation (interpolation algorithms made by Akai). I’ve read it’s nice and lo-fi though, when transposing and sample-rate-converting.

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the S2400 runs on fixed 48khz internally