I know, not true to the sp1200, but a nice time-stretch feature would be the tits (lock sample time/length, modulate pitch).

Carry on.


It’s already confirmed as in the works


Just saw the update video. Awesome.

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Hopefully this thing doesn’t become bloatware with features upon features inside of menus with sub folders and lists of options inside them…

We all should be pushing/wanting more polyphony. Praying for 16 voices. Then thinking of these types of things as an after thought with a dsp fx card. Quality over quantity. Personally, I don’t know why you would want to tax the cpu with this feature when you could use it for more polyphony. Time stretch in your daw.


The only response I have is that timestretch is pretty basic sampler functionality, and for a modern sampler CPU shouldn’t be too taxing; also, apparently it is coming (as noted in the update video).

I agree with you on the polyphony issue (at least one or two tracks with polyphonic capability).

As for the “do it in your DAW” suggestion. I have been working pretty much only on hardware for ~25 years, so…at least for myself, I don’t see that changing and expect a sampler to have pretty decent editing and stretching functionality, and wouldn’t classify that as ‘bloatware’.


We both agree this is a premium product. Such a premium product that they have room for a DSP card to handle quality Fx’s. I’ll say that again, to handle quality effects. You’ve spent 25 years on hardware, you should know how rare it is to have a premium built sampler with additional high quality effects. A sampler like this has not been built in a very long time.

Why put a mid-tier time-stretch on a premium product … This has happened to every sampler regarding Fx’s. I am sure it sounds awesome but not as awesome as having a card take over those duties… That’s where bloatware comes in.
They have an opportunity to make a time stretch with a dedicated DSP card. To make a chip with premium Fx’s. Why not make a real-time one with dedicated dsp? Or make one that is offline but have a DSP chip to have multiple , usable algorithms. Taxing is taxing. Why tax the machine when something else can do it? When you can use that space for I don’t know say…more polyphony.

With how amazing Mickey and Vlad are at this, why wouldn’t you want them to have a dedicated DSP Card where they didn’t have heavy limits with the code?? Where they could go all out??

Not really going to get into an argument over hardware only. That just hurts my brain with people.

But why wouldn’t you want a premium one to go along with a premium built sampler…

Makes no sense.

They’ve already said timestretch will be released in a few months. It will be a non-realtime sample processing function, like re-sampling. The CPU is more than capable of performing this function and I do not see how it bloats the machine capability at all. They are supporting a highly desirable market need in a logical way using the current hardware.

Sure, they probably could add real-time timestretch using a DSP effects add-on card. But I’d be surprised if that card were even on the drawing board, much less in manufacturing. I appreciate being able to use more basic timestretch now rather than having to wait another year or two for a more advanced version.


its 8 note poly. if you want more go to a daw or NI. its design is based off the sp 1200. some of yall cats on this forum want the kitchen sink and you just aint gonna get it. hundreds of people getting along just fine, but there’s always squeaky wheels who want more more more… :man_facepalming:

Exactly, it’s perfectly achievable with quite a few algorithms to choose from. This will not be running in real time. It would work the same way as the Akai or Polyend Tracker does. It doesn’t require a specialized DSP card to do this. This isn’t Delay, Reverb which are applied sometimes across multiple channels and are operational during playback, that is highly taxing to the system and are better done as a secondary card.

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Both the Octatrack and MPC time-stretching have artefacts with timestretching algorithms, but are okay if you don’t deviate away from the original bpm. It will be similar i think. Not perfect, but workable.


Dont understand why some are disgruntled over time stretch. Its a one off process (like resampling) so hardly taxing in the same way like extra voices. TS quality? Listen unless your paying £1000 for Serato ‘Pitch n Time’ then TS is never gonna be 100% amazing but 99% workable at least! I would not consider TS to be bloatware however there is a fine line with the DAWLESS vegans (like vegans they bang on with how dawless they are) with wanting everything inside a box…zzzzz its 2021 - time to move on and switch on the computer, god knows you spend enough time on one banging on about being dawless.

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“…with the DAWLESS vegans (like vegans they bang on with how dawless they are) with wanting everything inside a box…zzzzz its 2021 - time to move on and switch on the computer, god knows you spend enough time on one banging on about being dawless…”

what does that even mean? Just asking for a friend.

A DSP card is only half the story though. There’s the actual algorithms used for the effects as well. I guess it also depends on what you mean by quality effects.

My outboard consists of (among others) Lexicon 480L, Prime Time II, tc 2290, Bricasti, Publison IM-90 and DHM-89 B2. So for me, there is a very small possibility that any internal effects card would be used.

As far as Time Stretch goes, I don’t care whether it’s 100% accurate/clean or not. I’d be using it for extreme changes. The Octatrack (for me) was great because with the twist of 2 knobs (Pitch and Rate) you could completely mangle any sound into something cool and useful. The S2400 currently gets somewhat there, but adding a full Time Stretch would be useful.


Bricasti! Now you’re just being mean to onboard reverb.

This is why I like the idea of effects being an optional daughter card, not only because it makes sense from the perspective of quality and taxation of the primary chip but also because like you and many others I have outboard effects already which do the job better. I like the idea of a variety of options on the daughter cards and am hoping for one with some interesting filters and EQ.

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