Change pitch keeping the sample the same length

A feature to change the pitch of a sample without stretching it would be very useful. Maybe it could be added together with the pitch stretch and time stretch features? I guess it’s already there more or less.

Some times your working with a sample and later realize it’s a little out of tune when you start adding other instruments, would be great if there was a feature that let you change the pitch but have the length remain the same.


Realized the title might be a bit missleading since pitch WITH time-stretch is really what I mean so I changed the title.

That’s the dream, isn’t it? I wish every sampler I own could do this. In the meantime, audacity can do it easily and it sounds pretty decent too.

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With a bit of simple maths, you can do this using the Timestretch feature.

Timetretching something by 200% will make it twice as long.
If you play back the timestretched file an octave higher, it would be the same length as the original, but an octave higher in pitch.
So, all you need to do is divide 100% by 12 to work out the timestretch values for individual semitones.


Let’s say you want to pitch something by +2 semitones.

  • Timestretch the sample by 100+(8.33*2)=116.66%
  • Assign the timestretched sample to a Pad and set Transpose to +2.00st

Voila, pitch shifting.

Fun fact, this is the technique used by jungle artists to ‘play’ pitched breakbeats. They would repeat this process several times and map the same break to different keys at different pitches, but all playing back at the same tempo. It sounds wild :slight_smile:


Video demonstration plzzzzz


Yes you could do it that way. But it would be a lot easier if there was a specific feature for this so you don’t have to do math to just pitch a sample a few cents.

Also you will loose your slicing when time stretching so you would have to redo that.

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I second this @rozz3r It would be awesome to have some “how to” dance/jungle tricks/tutorials on the S2400 from you.


Bumping this :sunglasses:

Jjos on the mpc does that and it’s great.

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Just watched a video of a chopped Amen break spread across the pads pitch shifted, sample length unchanged, on MPC Live. Got me searching for a simple way to do it on the 2400, would be a very useful feature!