Resampling rearranges multi mode slices or start ponts

Hi there
So i sample something and make a pattern out of it in mulit mode/slice. But when i resample the sample (+2 then lower it to -2 for instance) the mult mode slices jump to a different start point then previous.
Oddly enough when i stop the pattern and trigger the pads the slices are playing where they should.
If i assign the original sample to the pattern it will jump back to the right starting points. Am i making a mistake here?

I put up a feature request for this to work a while ago. I was explained that since the slice points are counted in 48khz samples in the coding, and when resampling you are left with 26khz audio the number of samples doesn’t match the original slice points.

As you say, it does work if you record the slices first and then resample because the slice points are then recorded in to the patterns.

I think they will fix this eventually.


Yeah it’s a known workflow issue.
Generally, what you can do to avoid this is doing all the sample work beforehand and then record when everything is ready.
So you don’t have to deal with weird behaviors and don’t have to mess with the override function too much :slight_smile: