Multi Mode Slice for 16 bit version and 12 bit version of the same sample

Being struggling for hours without success to achieve something that doesn’t seem hard but maybe I’m missing something simple. If you have a good recipe please share it :slight_smile:

What I want to be able to do is as follows:
-set Level, Pitch, Loop/Slice Multi Mode for a 16 bit sample
-resample the 16 bit sample in 12 bit
-“exchange” the 16 bit sample with the 12 bit sample to have the same Level, Pitch and multichops in the end.

It looks easy written like this but in the machine it is super tough to do.

When you assign a sample to a track, all the parameters are set to their defaults.
Are you requesting a feature to copy parameters from one track to another?

I think that would be the solution to this and the solution to the other topic (fine pitch lost).
At least the ability to keep the existing parameters when a new sample is assigned to a track.
(a new sample being assigned to an active track is what happens 90% of the time when resampling or normalizing.)
I will create a specific topic in the feature request section.