Reset multi mode slices to straight 1/8ths

Hey all,

I have a quick question about slicing a loop. If I accidentally screw up the slice points across a multi mode sample, how do I reset the slices back to straight 1/8th notes? I just tried copying my track and hitting “back + A1”, which successfully cleared the pitch but didn’t seem to reset the slice settings for the multi.


Weirdly I just created an entirely new project - imported the sample again, and the multi mode slice points were still set as before (not the straight 1/8th note slices I’d expect). Is there a chance that there’s a bug where (some of) the track settings are not cleared properly?

Shift + Back resets all the main parameters, not the multi parameters.
Could be a bug with new project. I will check that out.

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What if shift+back resets the multi-parameters if you press it when you are in multi-mode?


Yes shift+back to clear multi would be good.

I think it would be nice to have more fine grained control of the reset/clear feature - probably one for the feature requests subforum, but the Hydrasynth does this really nicely: you can hold “init” and move a knob and it will initialise just that knob, or hold “init” and push an envelope or osc and it would reset the whole envelope/osc section. Something similar to this with the S2400 “back” button to clear e.g. only the pitch page or maybe only the loop/slice would be a great workflow enhancement I reckon.

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In fact, back+multimode could be a nice shortcut to clear multimode settings, back+pitch, back+level etc. all work too I think.

EDIT: Ah no it would need to be shift+back+multimode which I’m not sure works.

Yeah, I can hold Shift and Multi Mode at the same time, but I have big paws.

If we keep the reset to Back+Pad, then I think it makes sense that if you are in Multi Mode, then the multi parameters for the current fader mod (pitch, slice, etc) are reset. (like @TapRepeat said)

Back+ Fader Mode key is not track-specific. Perhaps that key combo could reset that parameter for the whole bank?


To be honest even a menu item inside pitch, env, level, filter menus that said “reset all pitch settings for track” (or whatever) would be more than good enough.


+1 for more user control over track parameters
(clear, copy, multi, non-multi, on a track, on several tracks or a bank if needed. menu + shortcuts. A comprehensive approach)