Micro tuning

I read somewhere that the fine tuning adjustments go in 10 cent intervals.

Any chance it can go finer (down to 5 cents or or less)

My s2400 is coming in tomorrow but I thought I’d ask.

Also is there anywhere that has a tuning chart or indie for the classic32 etc tunings that are not simple diatonic scale degrees? (I know my scale degrees, don’t know how an OG sp1200 inaccurately pitched a sample tho)

Make that 1 cent. Just my 2 cents…

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Good question. I like to know more about the classics too!

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Awesome, yes 1 cent will be great. I want to experiment with pitching some things to non western scales and was wondering if that would be possible

Yes, that is possible… However, not in multimode. You will have to use multiple tracks for that, since the fine transpose is for the track as a whole.

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Pitch can be adjusted in cents in multi mode too. Press Shift+A

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Oh really, never looked for it in there. Awesome!

EDIT: I found it. Never looked, because I always passing by as quickly as possible to triggerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr the multi sync.

So great to hear it is possible! This opens it up for some out there experimentation with tunings.

One of the reasons I’m excited to get this box (should be here tomorrow) is how good the pitch shift algorithms sound. On par with MPC 4000

I disagree… most of the time it sounds better than my 3000. And IMHO a 4000 sounds not as good as a 3000.

Never had a 3000 tho the lust was strong for that one. Never use my 4000 anymore either so…

Hell yeah!

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