MIDI multi-mode faders

Hi, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure this out…maybe it’s in the manual or maybe I’m missing something simple BUT:

Is there any way to lock the fader positions in MIDI MULT-MODE? I’ve got a ‘chord’ that I made, moving the faders to the desired pitches. Each of the 8 faders is in the correct position for maximum live jam action. It sounds great but whenever I fire up the S2400, the faders start in their neutral chromatic position. I know I can save the fader positions IN sample mode A-D but is there a way to do this on the MIDI channels? I know I could record the sequence but I’d like to play it live but without having to spend a minute or two between each song to ‘tune’ the faders (i.e. move them to the position I had them in before I turned it off). I read the manual and watched the videos but I still can’t figure it out. Maybe I’m missing something or maybe it’s not possible.

That is saved with a project, just like the sample track fader positions.



Thank you for your prompt response! It still didn’t work, until…drumroll…software update! BOOM! Fixed. This is going to up a lot of new possibilities!