Midi banks losing fader settings / user scale [FIXED]

not sure i have seen this before and not sure if i have missed a setting so can anyone help, i recorded a midi riff and when i come back to the 2400 another time the faders are all reset back to standard - so they show C3 -C4

i had them set down in F1 - F2

obviously my pattern still exists but without going into drill mode i have no idea what notes i played, is there some way of the faders remembering the ‘scale’ i had them set to so the next time i open my project i know what to play?

lovin the update btw - :slight_smile:

I noticed the same behavior. Shouldn’t this moved to the bug reports?

wasn’t sure if it was a bug or something i had missed turning on/off in the OS

@Mickey maybe can say.

Sounds like a bug. We will investigate.


I’ve a similar but possibly related issue.

Seems Like every time I set MIDI track to be allow “In through DIN” selected, it never sets. I.e. when I power off the machine and start it up again, the settings reverted to previous where “In through DIN” needs to be enabled again.

Does that make sense?

Installed newest firmware - we excited about it from the stream.