Are track midi settings global?

I keep having issues with the track midi settings changing, like the channel, mode, as well as the note changes in between saving and reopening projects/switching projects etc. I thought this was totally random, so was waiting to try and figure it out before posting.

Last night lead me to the question, are the track midi settings global and don’t actually save with the song?

If so, while that does explain why they keep changing, that’s totally nuts lol.

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Yes, they are global.

If you go to the Sync menu, open the Sample Tracks Map accordion and select Save to Project, then the mapping will be saved with the project and loaded when the project reloads.


Ah cool, thanks!

Any chance it’d be possible to make it auto save with projects? Or does that complicate things?

At least it’s possible to save it anyway :slight_smile: cheers!