"Save Project As" Replaces MIDI Track Settings

I was making some backups of a few template projects I built when I noticed a strange issue using “Save Project As” in the File Menu. I had a whole custom array of MIDI track settings in the original projects. When I made a copy of the project with “Save Project As” all of these settings would be replaced by the default settings - same as you get with “New Project.” I would always use “Save Project” on the original project before using “Save Project As” to create a fork. Fortunately I made MIDI maps that I can easily swap out, but I suspect this is unexpected behavior. Wonder if others have faced this issue, I didn’t notice any similar threads when searching.

Using latest firmware as of reporting

More exploration on this and I’m finding difficultly generally with saving my MIDI track settings. I have tried to save my MIDI track settings in both the Project and the MIDI MAP file, but when I try to load these files the changes appear to not be saved. Specifically, changes to the MIDI Ports settings appear to not save.