Mixer Mode

Hi I just got my unit today and as a longtime OG user, the UI is familiar yet confusing in a few ways.

Mixer mode particularly. The manual states:

If no fader mode key is illuminated, then the faders are in Mixer mode. In Mixer mode, the faders set the playback level of the tracks, but do not affect the recorded levels.

Now lets say I have a beat and would like to ride the faders on the fly.

Is there a way to set the faders to affect recorded levels?

Maybe I should modify the wording in the manual. In mix mode, the faders affect the playback levels, but do not change the pattern.

In the next release, there is an option to modify levels previously recorded into the pattern “on the fly”.


Cool that clears it up. Looking forward to the next firmware build!

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@Mickey you are a god lol salute brother thanks for all you and the team do

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