How does the relationship between Mixer mode and Level work?

This is my struggle of the weekend. Trying to understand the relationship between Mixer mode and Level, especially in the case of override but it seems too difficult for me.

Taken from the manual for example:

“Mixer Mode
When no fader mode key is illuminated, then the faders are in Mixer mode. In Mixer mode, the
faders set the playback volume of the tracks. The mixer volume is not recorded into the pattern,
only the track level is. The levels that were recorded in the pattern are not changed, but are
combined with the mixer volume during playback”

This is true for example if I load a kit from the internal memory, then record something with note repeat for 4 bars in mixer mode with the fader in the middle, and check step program. Indeed , the recorded level in step program is full level. The same full level as in Level mode but when I go to Level mode it plays as the same level as in Mixer mode. Even if I move the fader in Level mode nothing changes. Level mode does not seem to work in real time.

Does this mean that the playback volume in Level mode is the same as in Mixer mode regardless of the Level setting position and fader position? I suppose the Level setting position is max by default no?

The real struggle begins when trying to mix and override already recorded volume parameters. As Level seems to work with events, not in real time, I need to switch between Mixer mode to hear in real time like someone who is mixing a song and Level to be able to override events. And the result is never as I expect. It seems there is often a conflict between Mixer mode and Level mode.

My first thought was, during record override, if Level could work in real time like Mixer mode, not per events it could make the workflow easier but I must recognize I don’t really know how it works. At this moment I ve given up on mixing precisely in the S2400. Maybe a DAW is best for this. A pity when I see all these faders on the S2400 :bowing_woman:

If someone has a workflow that works well when it comes to volume management and override
please share it. It will be really appreciated :slight_smile:

Mixer mode works like a mixer during playback. It does not change the pattern.

Level mode sets the level that is recorded into the pattern. That is how you would have some notes louder or softer than others. When recording, when you press a pad, the level that is currently set is what gets recorded into the pattern for that note.

If I have already recorded a pattern either with varying levels, or all at the same level, and now want to change that, I have the same options as I do for changing pitch or filter parameters.

  1. If I want to change the level of every note for a track in the entire pattern to the same value:

    • Press the level key to enter level fader mode
    • Use the fader to set the level to my desired value
    • Press Shift+A for the track level settings
    • Select Modify Pattern, and fill in the fields on that screen
  2. If I want to change the level of just a few notes here and there:

    • Press the level key to enter level fader mode
    • Press Run/Stop+Rec/Edit to record
    • Press A to turn on Record Overwrite
    • Move the level fader and press the pad to change the level of the note as it plays back. Every note that plays while the pad is held down is affected.
  3. If I want to change the level of a specific step (or a few steps)

    • Go to Step Program mode
    • Move the cursor over to the step I want to edit
    • Press Enter to edit that step
    • Change the level for that step

Thanks for the detailed explanations. I am sure it will be useful for a lot of users.

The part below is where I find the workflow is not handy in some cases. For example when a hit-hat is running with 1/16 note repeat in the background. To be able to hear the new level that will be recorded it is necessary to press the corresponding pad and move the fader first. So both the sound in the background and the target volume are heard at the same time. I would prefer a temporary state where real time variations of the volume are audible before changing everything with shift+A. Like an override function during play like there is for filter or pitch.

Anyway not a big deal, I ll get used to it :slight_smile:

You can do exactly that. Pressing A while in playback mode turns on Playback Override. That lets you audition any changes in level (or pitch, or filter). You will hear the pattern play back with the changed parameter.
When you like it, engage record, and press A again to turn on Record Overwrite. Press the pad and the new parameter value is recorded into the pattern. Or, press Shift+A and select Modify Pattern.


Thanks I think it is the obvious thing I’ve missed. I will try it tomorrow :slight_smile:

It seems that there is no override for level when the sequencer is playing in Level mode in March firmware. A doesn’t work when playing. It works only during recording.

Captures below are comparison with A in pitch mode and B in mixer mode. Both work when the sequencer is playing and recording.

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