Modify pattern and double pattern shortcuts!

I’m using the double click shortcuts all the time, they’re great! I have a suggestion for a few more :slight_smile:

It would be really nice to have a modify pattern shortcut, shift+ double click B to apply the filter to the pattern and shift+ double A for volume or pitch depending on which mode you’re in.
And still keep the way it is done now so you can take ”the long way” to apply to all tracks etc.

And would also be nice to have these shortcuts turn of the A/B buttons and exiting playback override after being used.

Another handy shortcut would be double click copy button to append pattern to itself to quickly double the pattern length and the sequence data.

Thanks for all the work Mickey, really incredible!


Nice suggestions. I was just thinking the other day how Modify Pattern ought to disable Playback Override. :+1:


I agree these modify pattern shortcuts would be really nice.

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I worry about double-clicking A/B to modify pattern. Easy to accidentally make a very big change.
Maybe hold A/B and press pad. That is quick, but cannot be done accidentally.
It also works for Record Overwrite when you want to change everything, as opposed to the selective change only when the pad is pressed.


You can now (I forget as of which release) append a pattern onto itself via the pattern Length function. And, it defaults to the new length being double the current length. So, that is a pretty damn fast function already. Much faster than doing the same thing with pattern Copy.


Yea I love this feature.

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I think you make a good point and I might not be remembering correctly but doesnt A work for level and B for filter. How would you distinguish between level and filter override setting shortcuts if you use both a and b? I dont remember if the same thing thing applies to envelopes (envelope 1 vs 2)?

slash means “or”, not “and”

When I said “hold A/B and press pad” I meant A+Pad or B+Pad


Hold A/B and press pad to modify pattern sounds perfect!

I don’t think I have that option in the pattern length menu, will check again! Could it be in a firmware not released yet?

If you guys need another beta tester I would love to assist now when I got my machine :slight_smile:

That option is definitely in pattern length in production.


It’s duplicate pattern in the pattern length menu

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that would speed things definetly up! please make that happen. :wink:

Found the duplicate pattern function, can’t believe I missed that!

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