Recording filter state to a pattern

This might be user error, when I copy a pattern the filter only stays on when rec/edit button is engaged.
It would nice to be able to save the “b” button state in both run and rec/edit. The current work around I found it to resample each sound with or with out the filter and then apply the file when desired.
A lot of time spent to recall the on or off state of the filter.
Again if this is user error, any assistance is greatly appreciated.

If I’m not mistaking you can save the filter state per pattern.

Not home at the moment, but I think you press Shift + B button and it should then use the select knob and go until you see modify pattern. That’s how I save my filter changes. I’ll update this once I get home if that doesn’t help out

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Filter state is recorded into the pattern, just like pitch, level, and all the other parameters.

The B button is for Playback Override and Record Overwrite. Check those sections of the manual for more details.

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Thanks Mickey! I know where went sideways on this now. Also BIG shout out for what you continue to due for the S2400. It is everything I never new I needed.


Thanks that works too!