Curious as to why overrides stop working when I hit record?

I was using the pitch override to try to dial in the tempo of a loop, but when I hit record it goes back to its recorded pitch until I exit record mode again. Is there a reason why overrides shouldn’t just stay in place wether record button it lit or not?

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I don’t really understand this either. I think it goes in to record override mode when you activate the record button. But I don’t really understand the record override mode yet.

Record overwrite and playback override are separate but similar things.

Playback override allows you to override whatever value is in the pattern whilst it plays back. That’s what you’ve been using so far. It’s only active when playing but not recording. Useful if you want to perform some modifications live, but then return to the pattern as it was recorded.

Record overwrite allows you to overwrite whatever value is in the pattern whilst in record. It is only active when recording. Here, you can hold down the pad and move a fader or knob and have those values recorded into the pattern as you tweak. Useful for modifying the pattern, obviously.

They both work by enabling the A button (or B for filter) either in playback or record, but they are separate.

Hope that helps.


The next update has quick modify pattern (A+Pad), so you don’t have to go into the parameter settings menu (Shift+A) to do it.


Yeah Im starting to get the logic, its of of those things thats really tripping up people that came from MPC type devices like myself. I think a quick modify pattern command will go a long way to smooth that out. I can see why you might want a playback override to be able to jam on a parameter with the option to possibly re-automate it a different way later, in a different pattern lets say so you have 2 slightly different versions of the same pattern for example.

I guess In a sense its similar to traditional automation-speak of ‘read’ ‘write’ and ‘off’ functionality but worded differently

that would be alot better for sure.

Ok, that’s the way I suspected it worked. But there’s some things that left me a little confused when trying to use record override.

How I’m I supposed to hear my parameter changes before I decide to hold down the pad and overwrite them? You can’t audition from the pads if the A or B button is active (record override mode), they are silent. And if I dial in the parameters in playback mode using playback override those settings are not active when going in to record override and I have to redo them.

From what I can tell the only way to hear what you’re doing is to hold down the pad and set your parameters, but then you also record them .
I was thinking this feature was to be able to momentarily (while pressing pad) apply parameter changes to sections of a pattern. But it’s a very dangerous game since you can’t dial in the parameters before and hear what you will record when pressing the pad.

Or I’m I missing something?

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That’s not strictly true in so much as any fader positioning or filter changes will still have their fader or knob positions as you left them. So all you need to do is hold the pad down when you switch to Overwrite mode in order to commit the same values you had in Override mode.

If you just want to replace a static value for the entire pattern (say you want to re-pitch all snare drums), you can do that in Override mode by dialing in the correct pitch and then using the Modify Pattern feature (Shift A or B). No need to go into Overwrite mode at all for this.

Of course, if you need to do more than static changes (filter sweeps for example), you’ll need to use Record Overwrite, but you can find your base values in Override, and use them as a starting point.

Lastly, if you just want to tweak one or two notes with new specific values, the best place to do that is in Step Program / Step Edit.

There are some little workflow enhancements coming to Playback Override in the next update, although the two functions will remain separate.


Hold up, wait a minute… we can record filter sweeps now?!

Ugh, I knew I shouldn’t have typed that :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes: What I mean is that every note in a pattern can have its own filter settings, so you can ‘sweep’ the filter knobs whilst you record and change each note as it plays. It won’t give a classic fluid filter sweep (the filter settings only change at note-on), but it will overwrite the filter setting for each note.

Can you give specific/detailed instructions in this new method please?

Do you still have to hit A or B first (which is just overRide, correct?), and then A/B+Pad? Or, only just A/B+Pad?
(the old/current way is hit AorB first > then Shift+A/B)

Do you just hit A/B+Pad once and quickly, or hold it down?

Does this work with Env params too?

For non-automation/static, is holding down a pad still required? Or, is simply having a fader/knob in a new position good enough?

If doing recorded “motion/automation/non-static” tweaks, is it A/B+Pad > then hold down a pad while adjusting, correct? Or, add an A/B click before all that too?

The upcoming A+Pad (B+Pad for filter) is a shortcut to selecting Modify Pattern from the Parameter Settings menu (Shift+A). You press it once, and the whole pattern is modified.

No, you do not have to press and release A before pressing A+Pad.

Yes, it works with all fader modes, including Envelope and Loop/Slice.

The Parameter Record Overwrite feature still requires pressing and releasing A, then holding the pad to modify the pattern as it plays. That is a very powerful feature for making selective changes.


Ok I see, so that’s how it’s supposed to be used. Thanks for clearing that up!

“The Parameter Record Overwrite feature still requires pressing and releasing A, then holding the pad to modify the pattern as it plays. That is a very powerful feature for making selective changes.”

…where does the upcoming “A+Pad shortcut” fall into this process, or which step?

Also, what’s the difference b/n the new “A+Pad shortcut” vs “Parameter Record Overwrite”?

Its a short cuts, no difference lol

There is a difference.
A+Pad is a shortcut for Modify Pattern. The entire pattern.
Parameter Record Overwrite is selective. It only overwrites the pattern events that you want it to.

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Im still confused about this procedure… Im in record mode, trying to re-automate the filter for example: the B button is lit but when I press a pad to do this selective change, the act of pressing the pad adds a new note event in the sequence.

Are you in Mixer fader mode? That is a bug which has been fixed.
Try the same thing in Level or Pitch fader mode.

Ah yes thats it. Great. I’m curious if the override for env s made it on this new upcoming firmware ?

Yes. And slices

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