Being able to adjust parameters after they are recorded into seq. (unlock?)

the only thing I wish on this unit is if you could easily play with basic parameters ( fine tuning, release time , sample start point etc) while the sequencer is running (and after notes have been entered), especially handy when working with loops or pieces of loops to get things to sit right. so maybe if there was a way to temporarily or permanently ‘unlock’ those things after being recorded into the seq. a bit more like the way an MPC works I suppose (although only JJ versions let you play with start points but you get the idea)

also while im here a way to quickly find the closest zero crossing with a button press ( edit- this exists already oops)


Press 5 in waveform mode for zero cross snap.

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Implementing more override functions might be the solution.

As we have direct control and access to faders and knobs I think it’s difficult to implement more real time and non destructive settings.

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+1. This would be so useful for me. Usual part of workflow on other devices

Playback override (and overwrite when you’re ready to record them) for level, pitch and filter already exist. And there might be more coming soon :wink:


I think what the OP is asking for is to be able to adjust things after recording them in.
Things like sample pitch, attack/decay, filter settings — AND for that to overwrite the original settings.
I do this all the time and end up step-timing X0X it in so that it sticks. Then I can manipulate and record movements live while its looping.

Also note that if you are pitching the loop to tune it to the track tempo you can use the master transpose in track settings while playing to do just that. The step edit allows for each individual step to have track parameters updated. including all that were mentioned above.

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@soundsubs On the S2400, that is called Parameter Record Overwrite.

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