Pitch adjustment of sample in sequence

I’ve only had my s2400 for a week but I can’t seem to figure out how to adjust the pitch of a sample that’s already been sequenced. It seems like the faders are locked once it’s been programmed. Am I overlooking something here?
If not, what’s everyone’s preferred method of adjusting a samples pitch to tempo?
Thanks! And I’ve been loving my s2400!

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See Edit Step Parameters (page 30), and Live Parameter Record Overwrite (page 32).

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Thank you! Playback Pitch override did the trick.

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I had the SAME question. but the answer isn’t exactly what I was looking for. I have a sample with rhythmic elements, it’s being triggered in a looping pattern. While the pattern is playing, I want to massage the fader until it’s rhythmic content fits into my pattern BPM…and permanently retain that vibe.

Is there no way to do this? When I highlight pitch and the “A” button with the pattern playing (in record mode, not playback), the fader doesn’t change the pitch. I don’t want to keep re-triggering the sample via the pad.

Record Overwrite modifies a parameter of a track at the time the sound is triggered in the pattern, and the pad is pressed.

It is good for adding variation to percussion hits. To change the pitch of a loop that is only triggered once, you could use this method, or it might be easier to edit the step in step program mode. Or thirdly, you can get the pitch right with Playback Override (as you did), then Shift+A for settings, and select modify pattern.

That third technique may suit me best. Thanks Mick…

Here’s a spreadsheet that will give you the exact amount of +/- semitones to match a BPM. Just tap out the tempo of the sample, and pop in the tempo you need it to be.