Tempo and Pitch Calculators

This might be posted in other threads in few different ways but I wanted to elaborate on how it was described and have it concentrated in its own dedicated feature request.

Request is for a built in calculator to the s2400 that calculates and implements tempo changes via pitch changes automatically. Use case would be if you know the tempo of your source material (loop) and you want to pitch up or down to a different tempo precisely you can do that more easily by inputting the source tempo and the desired tempo.

There are simple calculators online that do this and I have been just using that with my phone but would be cool to be built in the box. This is independent of time stretch.

Link to such a calculator: Tempo and Pitch Calculators - Online | TheWhippinpost

This thread MIGHT be getting at the same thing - not sure: One button press to pitch to tempo

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Here’s a spreadsheet that does that and a few other calculations. I realize it’s pretty much the same thing as whippingpost but for me anyway it’s easier to use on phone or keep open on computer. Also calculates time to BPM and sample length to BPM. Would def be cool to have native to the s2400, I imagine something like it will come when timestretch is developed.

Exactly! Yea I remember this post - same concept.

Not hard to achieve outside the box but might be a commonly used feature if built-in. Since most sample packs now include tempo in the file name it would make it really easy.

Here’s what I use.

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I have updated the S2400 Beat Calculator I have created: