Match tempo to loop

This maybe as much a workflow question as it is feature request, so bear with me…

Is there / could there be a way to instantly set the tempo based on a loop, i.e. trim sample to loop, input the no’ of bars and the 2400 tempo matches the loop. i.e opposite of tuning or time stretching to fit a tempo at the start of a project

Used to spend ages nudging tempos or fine tuning samples to match tempos using sequencers and samplers. It can still be a pia in computer based systems. I want to use the S2400 to get away from screens, working quickly from a sample like this would be great.

Happy to delete / repost elsewhere if there’s something obvious I’ve missed on this!


Also in favour of this. Ableton does this actually.


sp808 and older roland mc 808/909 do this, i wonder if this exists

i cannot remember seeing in videos nor do i know if he intends to implement , once out and delivered i understand he is open to more FW requests but they want 1.0 solid first which makes great sense

Nice to see Iceni already created this feature request as I was ready to add it on the forum.

This is precisely the feature I was talking about elsewhere (as comments both on the ’ Part 3: Level, Pitch, Envelope & Loop/Slice official user manual video’ and on the Facebook status of this video on our Facebook group). SO useful, and not only in a live situation as Iceni explained it…

“Hi Isla & Alex, thanks for these user manual videos. I just have a question: can the S2400 loop a precise number of bars based on the BPM of the machine? I mean you choose the length of the loop (ie 0,5 bar, 1 bar, 2 bars, 3, 4, 8 and so on), the start point of the loop manually and… that’s it! The loop being synchronized on the BPM / on the grid it would be just perfect in a live situation, only moving the starting point of the loop on a long sample. On the video we see we have to adjust the end point of the loop very carefully to match a precise BPM (not 119,84 but 120 for example) so it may not be always very practical, especially when the 2400 is playing as a part of a setup because 119,84 BPM instead of 120 (for example) means the sample will not play in sync and the time needed to adjust the loop length to 120 BPM will increase the issue in a live situation. Thanks in advance for the feedback and if it’s not possible yet I hope you can add it later as it would be a massive feature for my usage and for other people for sure.”


I created an Excel spreadsheet to calculate the S2400 sample BPM. Just enter the End time in seconds (Example: 00:02:427 End marker = 2.427 seconds) into the “Sec” cell (Col L8) outlined in red. You can also calculate the pitch adjustment in semitones for a new tempo you want, by entering the tempo value into the “New BPM” cell also outlined in red (Col D3). If you have an Excel or OpenOffice and would like the spreadsheet, just hit me up


damn dude…


please upload the file :slight_smile:

Unable to share an Excel file on here

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For anyone that would like the S2400 Beat Calculator Excel document:


If it’s as simple as a calculator - you think we could implement the calculator into the machine? Like enter a few values and boom it sets your tempo?

I hope this feature will be added to the machine later on. :heart:


I would love to be able to load loops, in tempo, like Ableton and quickly chop it up. :dizzy:

I have a related but more basic question… new to the S2400 but search/manual isnt helping here.

Is it possible to just hit a pad and have the sample loop indefinitely until you hit it again? No timing sync or anything, just infinite looping

Yes, turn on looping in waveform editor (shift+B). The sample has to be less than 2mb.

If you go in to the time stretch menu it will tell you the tempo of the loop/sample, just go there and see what it says and input that as project tempo :slight_smile: