Is there an 'envelope overide' function like the filter has?

I would like to know if there is a way to change envelope decays once its recorded into the sequencer without having to erase my note information. Similar to how it done with the filters by pressing button B.

would be sweet to be able to fine tune env settings in the context of the sequence after having the part recorded.


There is no playback override or record overwrite for the envelopes. However, you can change the envelope for a track all at once with the modify pattern function on the envelope settings menu (Shift+A).


ok ill try that. when it comes to sample chopping what im finding I wish I could do is adjust the base pitch of slices a bit after my my chops are recorded into the sequencer. same with the envelopes, sometimes wishing I could get a bit more or less of the sample chop ‘exposed’ after the sequence has been recorded. Its hard to just nail it the first time without being able to make adjustments.


Dear Mickey,
Would it be possible to add envelope override to the list of future enhancements? My favorite thing about the S2400 is manipulating the high-fi envelope on the amp level. This allows for easily making really funky backbeats, hi-hat lines, etc. However, it’s only possible to do this when entering notes. Being able to enter notes first and then later play the high-fli envelope sliders and record this would be such a great enhancement. As it is, it’s difficult to modify the env in real-time while you are busy entering notes via the pad.

Thanks for your consideration!

It’s in the next update. I think that was mentioned on one of the more recent requests for this feature.


Brilliant! :sunglasses: