Rec pad sequence while using over ride plays OG sound - help to find answer

ok i hope this makes sense, added over ride for playback

how to keep it there while recording?

basically i have a kick in a roll format that is filtered to act as a hum during playback, but when recording a new performance onto other pads in live mode the kick is coming through at full whack

  • i did try to use over ride as search in manual but i dont seem to be getting the answer, i cant be the 1st to come across this


Unlike playback override, record overwrite needs the pad to be held down in order to hear fader/knob changes.

nah you misunderstand me

i want to hear my pattern while i record in the sme way i hear it while i play it - for some reason when i hit REC+PLAY the pattern plays without the over ride, so i hear the original samples that have been untreated, make sense?


I’ve noticed the same. It can be a little jarring when it comes in.

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aaah so is this by design?

hey there @Mickey am i missing the method to do this bud or is it just this way? thanks

@j.m It is by design. Record overwrite does not change the pattern until you tell it to do so. Either by holding the pad to selectively change only certain parts of the pattern, or by selecting Modify Pattern from the fader mode settings menu (Shift+A), or by holding A and pressing the pad.

thx Mickey just to make sure are we on same page?

i have pad 2 with play over ride active - so basically i have a filtered sound over some drum rolls

when i record to pad 7 for example, i am hearing pad 2 without over ride which screws up how i interact with the pattern

i am not missing something? how do i make the pad2 over ride sound be heard the same when i am recording to other pads?

not possible?

just apply the play override first and then hit record?!

play override and record override are two separate modes.


This is my problem as well. I have a nice filtered bassline and want to add other sounds over it. Every time I try to record, the bassline gets played UNfiltered and I can’t hear what I want to do. Also, the volume will be way too high on everything as if it’s ignoring all the adjustments i’ve made. Very hard to work like this.

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i know they are different modes - the play over ride is on a diff pad to what i am recording on

the point is being missed here repeatedly - i dont know if people are simply not reading or i am explaining badly

To me it looks more like that you are not too good at reading. Your explaining is most of the times a little short, but reading between the lines gets me a picture of what you mean.

Like I said these two modes are separate. Not just for one pad, the modes are separate globally. So you have to commit any change anywhere, before you change to a different mode and keep hearing your uncommitted changes.

Why not try it and check what happens when you commit (in your use case: B-PAD) and after that switch from override mode to overwrite mode and listen to your pattern.