Filters settings deactivates in rec mode

When setting the filter settings on one track/channel and then recording a new track/channel the filter deactivates when it is in record mode. Then when you stop recording the new track/channel the filter re-engages to is original position. Is this suppose to happen?

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Did you have playback override turned on? (the B button)
There is a bug (fixed in dev) where the override LED is not updated just after stopping recording.

Hello yes the B button was activated whether it’s an override button or not I have no clue but in order to use the filter it has to be activated

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When the B light is lit it is in override mode . Giving you control of the filter after the track is recorded. When it is not lit , you are able to adjust filter before the track is recorded.


Thank you! I will try it!

Yea I was confused about this functionality too. The B button is to be pushed to engage the filter so does that mean it is in override? Do you have to record the filter or engage override when there is no filter parameter recorded?

The B button does not have to be pushed to use and record the filter.
The B button is for playback override. Which overrides what is in the pattern during playback.


I have been having an issue where pitch that is recorded into a pattern temporarily does not stick when recording so the sample will sound totally different in record mode and then when you playback it’s totally back to what it was.

This is for a sample that was pitched globally and then multi slice mode sequence recorded where all slices are the same pitch. Is there a pitch override issue? It’s really hard to record changes while the pitch is not maintained.

This might not be the right thread but it is driving me nuts.

Yes, there is a pitch playback override that works the same as filter playback override.
Just don’t engage it.

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I realize now what you mean. The pitch override is turning off when the sequence is recording so the overrided pitch I was hearing before isn’t heard while recording I guess and then flips back after recording is over.

I guess next question is you want the override committed to the sequence if you set it up after you recorded the sequence of slices can you do that?

You will be able to do that soon in a future firmware update.


You guys are the best! :star_struck:


Trying some things out with the filters today and have a question, I am able to ride the filters for a wah wah effect while playing the sample (2 bar loop) live, but will not allow me to do so in recording a sequence. It allowed me to do it on a one shot sample. Can this be done? Love the machine, lots of fun.

also had this question. Wondering if there was a way to overdub filter parameters. As in, record a pattern with a wide open filter, then be able to record filter tweaks on top of the audio as a whole. I don’t think there is, as each sound recorded is really just a trigger saying “play x sample now, with parameters set as they were recorded” - if we’re talking about a longer sample (2 bar loop in your case), the filter position at the trigger (start of the loop) is what would be recorded and not the sweeping of the filter throughout the audio file.

Maybe a workaround to this by playing your 2 bar loop while tweaking the filters and resampling that audio back into the machine to save as a new loop.

Thanks, exactly what I was trying to do. Had the loop filtered out for the bassline then used another pad for the filters, would be a great add on if possible.

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