Filter request

Any plans for over dubs with the lovely filters?

Eg record a melody, that plays back and then to adding some real time filter movement via the knobs on that melody thats playing. Ideally the S2400 would remember the filter tweaks and hitting erase would delete that filter automation to redo


^just bumping this topic - still a needed feature.


+1 , this would be wonderful!

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You can ‘rewrite’ the filters

I guess what i meant was recordable filter sweeps…At the moment it behaves like the OG 1200

Is it possible to record filter-tweaks while in Song-mode? Or, just in Pattern-mode?

I know you can bypass (B button) and tweak them Live while in Song-mode… just wondering if it’s possible to record them too.

It is not possible to do that in song mode.

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+1 great request.

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Didn’t Brad do this in a bounce down, on a recent video? I may be wrong.

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yes - we can record movements with bounce :slight_smile:

goto about 10.40 and brad is recording filter mod to a bounce sample