FIlter/Volume/Pitch automation difficulties?

So I’ve been trying to incorporate the FIlter/Volume/Pitch automation function into my sequences and following the guide as shown in the tutorial video here but I can’t seem to get any results. I’m hitting the A button on my sounds and holding the pad down while moving the filter knob or adjusting the fader for volume/pitch automation but… nothing seems to happen afterwords.

Anyone else having issues with this? Maybe I’m not doing something right but I feel like I’m following exactly what he says to do in the video :thinking:

Have you pressed Record like in the video?
Keep in mind that it works when an event is triggered so it limits what you can do.

Yeah I hit record. I think it might be what you’re mentioning- It only marks movement for each note hit, not continuous automation information like a DAW. Damn, I was hoping to be able to record filter sweeps etc, but it looks like this will currently only be useful for high hats and drum hits, etc.

Thanks for the heads up!


record filter sweeps would be super nice


Co-sign. That would be crazy!

+1 for this. At least in my case I wish there was an assignable LFO if automation isn’t possible to get some semblance of motion in my sequences. For now I use the envelope generators to kinda get some filter sweeping, but it’s only limited to acting when events are triggered.

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Oh, since “filter sweeps” have been mentioned in the user guide I thought it was possible. But then it’s just filter settings that’s possible to record, not a sweep on let’s say a loop? That’s something that would be really nice to have, to be able to make like filter wah-wah effects on loops etc

Automation of Mod wheel (and also Pitch wheel) for ext-midi-kybd-controller & its’ midi-sequencer is def needed too.

I’m sure there’s lots of hw-only-set-ups (no daw) and synth & rompler heads here.

I’d be amazing to have the S2400 as a true centerpiece to a HW setup… like the MPC60/3000/2000/1000/etc.