Midi output/Input of Filter and Pitch Fader movements

I assumed this was what the midi implementation update included but I seem to have been mistaken after many hours of repatching and settings diving to no avail…

Midi output of fader and filter movements would be boss. I use an external midi sequencer to record all my midi and if the 2400 could output filter movements and fader movements particularly for PITCH it would really open up the performance side of this beast.
Maybe im not doing it right but i assumed since you can control the filter over midi cc that it would naturally output it when the knobs are moved but i cant seem to get it working. the same for pitch faders.

I use the pitch mode a lot and a lot of the magic of the unit IMO comes from this feature of being able to alter the pitch of each hit of a bass note for example. but there is no way to record it. correct me if im wrong??

As i create patterns with a step sequencer (squarp hapax) it would be amazing to be able to record pitch changes by moving the fader in PITCH mode, I would like to record them into my sequencer then send them back to the 2400.

As it stands i cant get any midi out the 2400 not even the pads… Is this correct behavior?

Hmm, last night I was sequencing my synth from the s2400 and when I hit the pad and moved the pitch fader it changed the pitch. Filter knobs ask effected the filter. However often I have to move the knob or fader for a full throw before the values latch prob because of the settings. Also I didn’t try to record anything with that because I preferred to use my keyboard to enter pitches

Thanks mate but im specifically talking about recprding the midi out and sending it back to the 2400. So you can perform on the unit which is great fun and super easy, record what you are doing and send it back.
The pitch changes when i play midi notes into and chmage the slider but i cant record those changes into my sequencer it requires you to hit the pad again.

Ahh I see
Yes I wish It had motion record as well. Or elektron style sequencing

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