Pitch bend for MIDI sequencing

Currently the S2400 does not pass through information from a MIDI keyboard when the pitch bend is used

This presents two issues:

  • cannot record use of pitch bend when sequencing MIDI
  • when the S2400 is used as the brains of a MIDI setup, cannot use the pitch bend on a master keyboard when playing other synths or modules using MIDI focus

Proposing that a solution for allowing pitch bend should be incorporated into an upcoming firmware update



Was there ever an update to this issue? Found this thread after coming to the same problem

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Sustain pedal and modulation wheel would be highly appreciated to!


Ya a bunch of midi stuff like program change messages don’t make it through as well. So there is some limitation in using the s2400 for midi automation of external gear. I have just given up on isla midi tracks for now because of the partial midi implementation. Maybe it will become more powerful in the future. At least the s2400 is happy to be remote controlled by midi.

The current channel based midi layout also precludes MPE which uses channel per note to handle polyphony. But to support MPE automation isla would have to have something like geerts new midi expression recorder.

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We haven’t seen any official word on this being resolved in a future firmware update as yet, but here’s hoping!

Please +1 if this is important to you


Recording basic CC changes/sweeps in midi-sequencers is important as well. (modulation/CC1, etc.)

Something my ancient MPC60 can do, but the S2400 cannot.

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+1 on this functionality. S2400 should be able to serve as the center piece of a midi studio.


+1 Still baffling it can’t tbh. I’m sure this isn’t the only thread on the topic, but may as well add the old “+1” here too, in case it helps heh.

There’s no way to address the pitch fader or fine tune externally via midi either right? Was trying to figure this out for ages the other night and pretty sure you can’t?

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As far as I understand it the design of the sequencing engine was from the start built around the ‘trigger event’….I think of it like this -

inside the universe of the s2400’s sequencer there is no space, not even a vacuum in between the note trigger events….literally no slots where information can exist outside of the trigger events. Although there does exist a timebase of 96ppq along which trigger events are placed so in theory you would imagine it should be possible to put some information in some sort of alternative container lying in between note trigger events! but for some reason the gods of the S2400iverse have deemed it not desirable, do-able or needed?

I personally don’t have any argument with them on this one! Give me a sequencer that is tight. jitter free and does exactly what it has been asked to do at the moment it is asked to do it OVER a sequencer that is doing loads of stuff at the risk of getting sloppy ANY DAY. And if adding a bunch of controller data to the timeline might jeopardise timing I would ask them not to do it!

+1 I really want to use s2400 as a “brain” cause I love everything else about the sequencer, and lack of pitch bend is the only thing really stopping me.

Oh man, I’ve been wracking my brain trying to figure out what I’m doing wrong, trying to capture pitch on mod wheel expression. It doesn’t transmit. I thought maybe I was doing something wrong, but I ran the checklist and discovered that CC info seems to be transmitted (I can see the events in the MIDI monitor) but I don’t hear any pitch/mod action happening on the Prophet 5. Tested the same on the MPC and it works. Maybe I’ll just keep em side-by-side for a while. Unless I’m missing something? I’ve looked at the manual many times and looked at the MIDI dropdowns on the S2400 just as many.

Pitch and Mod wheel is def needed. I’d pick Mod wheel, if I could only choose one; as I use that on almost every project (Pitch wheel only seldom).
If implemented, it needs to be smooth too; no weird audible steps/gaps, etc.

It’s one of those “learn how to walk, before you can run” features, that the S2400 needs.
Simple features I miss big time from my MPC60.

Love the S2400 for the obvious reasons… basically a true old-school 12bit sampler/sequencer available in the modern days (sorta like an SP & MPC 60/3000 hybrid, with modern amenities like SD, MSC, USB).
But, it def skipped a lot of basic “walking” features, and just went straight to sprinting for the olympics (envelopes, loopers, daw compatibility, FX card, analog filter card, etc.).

I think the main reason this isn’t requested more often, is that most peeps that use/buy/want the S2400 are boombap heads, and aren’t as experienced in synths, or have many of them, compared to other genres (dance, house, ambient, experimental, jungle/d&b, etc.).
Or, most people just use a DAW for their midi-sequencing needs.

Another big thing that limits me, is any long midi notes/chords get cut-off upon the next loop repetition (like for long pads, strings, fx, etc.)… forcing you to play those long notes/chords only on the 1st beat… or, always ending on the 1st beat.
This makes all your synth playing sound very meh, beginner and/or uninteresting.

And, locking tracks/pads while editing and scrolling to diff events inside list-mode/step-edit would help a lot too. A bit tedious/annoying to always need to keep changing to the track/pad you’re checking/editing (like checking your external-midi-kybd playing/recording).


My Roland romplers are so limited without mod wheel :sob:

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Yeah… sucks, huh?

I’ve seen your vids on YT (very nice music and vids btw!), and I have many of the same romplers & even fx as you, and a few more/diff ones. 990, 1080, also have the old jv80 as kybd controller, 3630, mv2, qv, etc.

Not having Mod wheel def makes those synths a lot less interesting and a lot more boring.

I’ve been tempted to just throw in the towel and sell the S2400 and get a Live2 or X.
Only reason I still have it is cuz I’m not in a rush and not seriously making music like I used to. If I was, I’d probably be even more frustrated and woulda got an MPC already.

Really wanna love the S2400 more, and I def love its’ sound and old-school physicality; but its’ many basic limitations and quirkiness isn’t ideal as an MPC or HW-centerpiece replacement, imo.
I think it’s better as an external sampler at this point (kinda like an S950).

This post isn’t intended as a knock on the S2400.
I am well aware that it was never (ever) promised nor intended to be some sort of MPC replacement nor a HW midi-centerpiece/sequencer.
It was intended to be a modern reinterp of the SP, and also as an affordable entry to that legendary sound. And, it def brought it, a hundred-fold, and then some (16 voices, countless features, etc.). A really good standalone sampler sequencer or external sampler.
Knock is really on me for selling my mpc, lol. And being a spoiled beeyotch wanting more features to match the mpc.


I did end up selling my S2400, I loved certain aspects but really wanted it to be my MIDI sequencer for my hardware-based studio (like an MPC) but it just has too many shortcomings in this area so it was sold on

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A few popular feature requests like this one and ping pong loop for example have been requested for almost 2 years now. It would be nice to know if it’s on the list or if there is nothing much to expect now. Not really interested in additional filters or effects here. :slight_smile:

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Interesting… which mpc did you get?

I’d be fine with any of them… but the # of outs is a big one (since I like using old Mackie mixer and old fx racks on the aux sends); so I was contemplating the X.
Thats another thing I love on the S2400… 10 outs just like the old mpcs! (8 indy and 2 mix out).

I know many people nowadays just add an audio-interface directly from the mpc usb (without using a computer/daw) to get more outputs. But, I also read it’s very hit or miss - sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and/or is buggy and some get audible clicking sounds. (depending on which AI is used and also which mpc fw version). Sounds like a pia… so prolly safer to just get the X.

It’s impressive how you trying to navigate around people’s potential hurt feelings ended up being almost as long as the original message. My assumption is that anyone on the forum has enough dedication to the device. Especially you. Everyone knows you contributed a lot to many discussions.

Even if it were you bashing on the device, there would still be meaning in that.

If people tell you once you are an idiot, you tell them go screw themselves. If people tell you twice, you respond with the same and start considering it. If they tell you the third time, maybe you are an idiot after all and it’s worth asking for more info.

I have not used my unit since mid last year. I simply don’t want to for all the reasons you listed. The limitations aren’t the creative kind but the frustrating kind

I just thot of something…

Brad recently announced the Caladan synth. A super interesting 8-part multitimbral hybrid/analog/digital synth with 8x expansion slots for diff voicecards.
Also has 8 outs! (perhaps like having multiple classic analog synths in one box, depending on its’ max polyphony). Sounds beast.

It’s also stated that it is designed to be used alongside the S2400.

Looking at the pics, it def doesn’t have pads… so, unless it has an internal sequencer of its’ own as well, I assume that it is designed to be sequenced from/by the S2400… and, in turn, should be played with an ext-keyboard-controller hooked up to the S2400. Such an amazing synth will always be wanted to be played with a proper keyboard controller.

With that said… I’d think this kinda crazy synth, will undoubtedly want/need to be played with proper ext midi controls/recording/automation - pitch, mod wheel, other CCs, not muting/offing long notes/chords upon each loop!, etc.

…with that said x2, I am thinking the S2400’s midi-sequencer (using an ext midi kybd controller) will/should be improved upon soon, correct?

It’d be a shame if you can’t even use/record mod & pitch wheel, other CCs or params, non-muting long-notes, smooth automation (non stepped), etc. to control that amazing Caladan from/by the S2400’s sequencer.


I am not really sure how development for both can be run concurrently given the amount of elbow grease S2400 still requires. I’d like to see a roadmap for both Caladan and S2400 projects since Kordbot has been abandoned to be able to make up resources out of S2400.

We have already been told that there won’t be an update any time soon. With the amount of development overhead due to new products as well as maintenance required, I hope it somehow gets handled and beautifully executed, although I am not entirely sure how this can be done