Mod wheel + pitch bend midi control thru

I understand that mod wheel and pitch bend values can’t be stored to a sequence currently, and would be a nice add. I’ve been leaving midi controllers plugged into the 2400 to control ableton/soft synths with USB audio, is it possible to enable pitch bend and mod control to be passed through the 2400 even if it can’t be stored in a sequence, for using to control external parameters and record daw automation?


Mod wheel can because it is MIDI CC 1.
Pitch bend is different. We can add that in a future update.


Ok got it sounds good. Do you know if midi touch-strip mod wheels function the same? Can’t seem to get the mod touch strip on the Arturia mini-lab to work

Of the thousands of MIDI controllers out there, coincidentally, I do have a minilab. The default for the mod strip is CC1.

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Haha figures. I’ll play around with it, haven’t had to touch the settings so haven’t even looked, just been plug and play with that one

@Mickey - can I confirm pitch bend is on the list for a possible future update?


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Have you been able to get a sustain pedal to work with the machine?

When I connect my midi keyboard to the machine and play synths from the midiout of the S2400 I haven’t been able to have the sustain pedal pass through to the synths, is this not possible as of now?

Bumping this for a +1. The S2400 is a great USB host for an iPad running synth apps, especially since the USB audio just works. It’s easy to pass MIDI from a keyboard controller through the S2400 to the iPad, but it’s a bummer that pitch bend and mod wheel don’t get passed. To be specific, it would be great if pitch bend and mod wheel arriving at the S2400’s DIN MIDI In port would be passed to the USB MIDI ports. I haven’t recently tested if this works on the DIN MIDI Out port, but I have a recollection that it does not.

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