MIDI CCs for Pitch

Currently we have the ability to externally control slice start/end, filter, panning and a few other things via MIDI CCs.
It would be great to also have MIDI CC control over pitch.

I like messing around with the sliders in real time, but recreating a series of movements becomes very difficult. If I could use an external controller that sends CCs to the S2400, I can also record those MIDI messages for later playback.



Any reason why you wouldn’t use MIDI notes for pitch?

Because I’d like to be able to record/automate stuff like this:

some fun

you all aren’t using this wonderful machine just to play back pre-recorded loops are you?

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Continuous control over pitch. Gotcha. I feel like pitch-bend support would be the better solution though?


Sure, I’m flexible. I’m up for better that 128 steps of resolution (same if sample/slice points could be controlled by 14 bit NRPNs)

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I have been thinking about this for some time, when I slide with the pitch fader while tapping a pad with bass on it, it sounds great.

Just wish I could record it in to my sequence…

I would be happy and welcome this feature also.



Ah so this definitely isn’t possible at the moment then, had me scratching my head the other night haha. I was just about to crate another topic not having spotted this one :joy:

Surely giving CC control over the pitch fader would be easier to implement than pitch bend? I know they’re having trouble with implementing pitch bend, but the pitch slider already exists, so surely it’s just attaching a way of CC being able to address it no?

Sorry, I’m no coder/developer, so I have NO clue about how easy/difficult it is to actually implement stuff heh.

Yeah, I ended up selling the 2400 and went back to the Octatrack.
I’m more interested in sample mangling and real time changes versus traditional chopping beats/loops approach. And for what I want to do, the OT works better for me.

2 VERY different machines there tbf. I like different boxes for different things, each have their strengths and weaknesses, and no single box I’ve ever used is perfect.

I’m definitely keen to see what the future of the 2400 looks like anyhow.

I like my Octatrack too, but it serves a very different purpose to me. Elektron in general is definitely geared towards performance, and I love them for that. Also, some boxes lend themselves better to certain genres/ styles of production too imo. I make a lot of different stuff, so I’ve found this a lot and have certain set ups I lean towards depending on what I’m trying to make.

agreed. I’ve been through a lot of samplers over the years including the E-II, Emax, E4XT Ultra, Fairlight, MPC 60/3000/5000, Akai S6000, z8, and others. For what I want to do, the OT works, but I agree it’s definitely not for everyone (I’m on my 3rd after selling it twice).

Yeah I love all the Elektron bits I have too, one thing I can’t stand about the Octatrack though, is the pitch algorithm, it’s really bad, which makes no sense to me since in the Rytm, it’s really quite good.

Sorry, derailing from the OP here a bit now heh

+1 pitchbend feature

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