Midi-Sequencer Ability to Record Pitch-Bend, Modulation Wheel, Standard CCs

I know it was a ton of work for them to give us a historically epic FW upgrade/update that doubled polyphony, bounce feature, other features, refinements and countless bug-fixes. So, not meaning to sound ungrateful or anything at all. It was probably the most awesome FW update I’ve ever witnessed for any type of device in my life.

But, since there’s no thread about this yet, I figured we should start one and get a tally for people that desire this feature as well… as a lot of people using the S2400 as a main-hub/centerpiece/sequencer to their all hardware synth set-ups might find it important and highly desired. (instead of using or buying something else like an Mpc to record midi-sequences)

In the live-stream, they discussed it briefly. And, they said it was a “no;” but, something they’d possibly re-visit, and all sit down and seriously talk about having done. As recording midi CC in real-time is very difficult and would be tons of work.

So, who else highly desires this feature?
I’d love to be able to midi-record say filter/res sweeps and slow build-ups of their beloved external synths from CC1 mod-wheel, etc. in real-time.


I would very much like this. It’s a pretty big limitation when using the machine as a centerpiece for your synth setup. I really really hope they can figure it out in the future.

But until and if it happens just a sustain pedal, pitchbend and mod wheel pass through would help a lot. Then you could at least play the synths properly live, and either record them to somewhere else like a daw or record your live playing to a live looper track.

That would go a long way for me. So I don’t have to rearrange my whole synth setup to record a pitch bend melody to a looper track.

From the live stream it did sound like just a pass through would not be as complicated to implement.



Totally agree… it’s a Huge limitation as far as midi-sequencers go and for synth-heads.

Of course, you can still make a complete track/song with your external synths with its’ current midi-sequencer… but, just no sweeping of filters or other params of your beloved (and expensive) synths nor pitch-bend playing.

Not even pass-through live-playing and tracking/recording that out live, like you’ve mentioned.
Not being able to midi-record/sequence nor play-live, pretty much disables all the wonderful filter-sweeping, etc. of all your fave, nice synths.

Trying to figure out a solution for this; as I love the S2400 and of course keeping it as my main sampler sound engine.
My mpc60 (and all other mpcs) can record real-time pitch-bend, mod wheel sweeping and other CCs. But, I’m selling it (as I’m getting away from floppies and also don’t need 2 expensive 12bit samplers).

So, I am thinking of getting an Mpc One to be the main-sequencer and have the S2400 either synced to it, or as an external sound/sampler module.
Would be good to know/learn the newest Mpc iteration too; as the only one I know how to use is an archaic mpc60 OS, lol.

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Judging by the live-feed video discussion and also his GS post… sounds like he really wants this feature/ability as well.

In his GS post, since he mentions “filters, track levels, etc.“, I am unsure if he is referring to midi-CC and midi-sequencing automating the S2400’s internal params (filters, track levels, etc.) via midi-kybd-controller, or to external synths. (but, I think it’s all the same, yeah?)

Imo, instead of having a dedicated Bank of midi-tracks being able to do this, I think it’d be better to just have a check-box inside track-settings (for midi tracks) that let you check/uncheck a box for “CC Automation.” (and just cap its’ ability/selection to 8 tracks max [1 bank equivalent])

That way, Isla doesn’t need to choose/figure out which midi-bank (E, F, G or H) will be the dedicated Bank for CC-Automation.

Also, you’d be free to use any midi-bank/track for regular midi-sequencing/playing when you don’t need any automation, to save CPU.
You can just check/switch On the “CC Automation” box, only for the particular midi-tracks you wish to do some automation on.
(personally, I’d probably only use 1-3 automations per song… as my music is pretty simple/basic)

If you wanna go even further, you can have it like an Mpc (the only one I know is an Mpc60)… where you can go into the Midi page, and can actually select individually from a list of Standard Midi CC (CC 1-119/127) and turn each Off or On to your liking.
This saves CPU too, and is commonly done on the classic Mpcs to free up speed and also avoid other problems. (I usually turn Off almost all of it, except Mod wheel CC1 and maybe a few other commonly used CCs).

Someone on GS posted about using CCs instead of the current “tapping a pad just to record knob changes.”
Since it’s related and relevant, I will just re-post my reply and opinion…

The dev in the latest livestream reminded about Alex Ball’s video doing this - tapping the pad to record knob changes (kind of a pseudo-automation).

But, the big problem with this is, is that you can’t do let’s say a smooth sweep… the smoothness and resolution of the automation will be dependent on the quantize-setting you choose and will be audibly (unusably) step’y or jump’y.
eg: if quantize is set to 16th or 32nd… then you will hear those steps/jumps after you’ve recorded your real-time, pseudo-automated sweeps. (via Alex Ball’s method by tapping the pad at every step/trigger).

Not to mention it’s a big hassle and super odd to need to tap the pad to record any automation.

CC automation and CC midi-recording should always be at the highest 96 ppqn resolution (I think?), for the smoothest sweeps and automations (that’s how my Mpc60 is anyways [perhaps all mpcs?] - nice and smooth midi-recorded CC sweeps).


Im triggering s2400 from another sequencer but would love to pitchbend the samples on the s2400…